USB UART RF Transceiver Wireless Module
433Mhz CC1101 10mW MAX232 RS232

I bought me an USB UART RF Transceiver Wireless Module 433Mhz CC1101 10mW MAX232 RS232 on Ebay. Apart from some technical specs there is no information available on the internet as how to use this thing.
So I am on my own trying to get it to work. My goal is to use the device on a Raspberry PI to control domotica. What did I try?:
The USB dongle in the Raspberry. LSUSB shows Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. CP210x UART Bridge / myAVR mySmartUSB light.
DMESG shows lot of information about the device, a.o. that it is attached to ttyUSB0. This seems to be oke to me.

Next I tried some (python) scripts that can write to the serial port. I was hoping that the device
understands that it should broadcast this data. The simplest example:
# sends signal to ttyUSB0
echo -e "111111111" > /dev/ttyUSB0

When I run this script I see the activity LED on the dongle flashing so it seems to so something.
The question is of course: Is it realy broadcasting?
Next I made a codesniffer with an Arduino Nano and the well known cheap receivers from China.
The wiring is simple, 5v,gnd and data to pin d2. The library RCSwitch has an example of this codesniffer
I uploaded the ReceiveDemo_Simple to my nano and opened the serial monitor in Arduino IDE.
With a HomeEasy remote controller I checked that this is actually working and it did.
This doesn't recognize codes from the dongle of course.
So in order to prove that the dongle is actually broadcasting, I attached a scope to the dataline of the receiver.
When I ran the script I could see something happening on the scope so I can assume that it is really broadcasting.
Oke, that is something. The next thing is to find out how I can receive and decode the broadcasts.
Then I can find out how to send a code according to a protocol.
Maybe I can use RCSwitch and port it to ttyUSB0 rather than a GPIO pin.

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