The sonoff software that i programmed some time ago works realy well. However, the newest sonoffs have different flash chips on board that are not compatible with the old software. Since i had to make some adaptions in the software, i decided to give the whole project a facelift. I experimented with the async webserver but, although faster, i could not get it to function reliable so i sticked to the original esp8266 webserver. The result is that the sw is more memory efficient, more compact and better secured. From outside your network, the switch reacts on nothing without authentication. The differences relative to the old sw are:

For the rest the Sonoff works as it used to, meaning that we can control it completely via its webinterface, use it as thermostate, hygrostate, motionsensor, lightsensor rainsensor and more, that sends its sensor readings to domoticz. Or just use it as an internet controlled switch with timers to automate switching. All and all it has a lot of interesting features that makes it a real smart switch.

Another interesting possibility is to build the sonoff in a wall socket. When you have an obsolete wall socket laying around...

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