ESP8266 Xmas Ornament with Snowfall

On the chinese market in Tsjechie (Potucky) i saw a lantern with a chistmas scene in it and falling snow. Altough one could say that this is pure kitsch i decided to make one myself.

First i bought such an ornament at the "action" to see how this works. This is simple enough, a small centrifugal cooling fan blows a windstream through a pipe, which takes the styrofoam bubbles up. This didn't work too wel because of the battery power, the voltage was 4,5volts. I could use some of the components so i demolished the ornament, keeped the snow, the blower and the pine trees and trashed the other things. Also at the "action" i bought a nice lantern with a drawer, providing enough room at the underside to hold the blower and a simple pcb. This ornament should be able to do the folowing things: