While researching for my azulejos project i came across the existence of hypertufa. This is basically a sort of concrete made with peat moss, portland cement and perlite. The interesting thing about it is that it is light weighted so you can make a large object with it that still would be moveable. it is quite porous so perfect for drought-tolerant plants.
Hypertufa has the looks of natural tufa rock and gets an aged patina when leaving it outdoors. Moreover it should be winter proof so that we can leave it carefree outside.

All these properties make it a very interesting material. So i decided to do some experiments with this stuff. The most obvious choice is to make some planters. This is easy to do without massive investments. Everyone seems to make them these days...

The first workpieces are made by modeling the morter inside a mold. You could also work in a reversed way, model the morter at the outside of the mold. I am going to try both ways to see what the results are.