Build a hansiart home automation system

This page explains how we can build a cheap home automation system with the help of a Raspberry pi or Orange PI, an RF-link Gateway and a domotica set sold at many warehouses i.g. the Action.

This system is compatible with many home automation sets, i.g. Klikaan-klikuit (COCO), Home-Easy, etc. The main components are a Raspberry-like arm board and an arduino mega2560 with a receiver and a transmitter connected.
How does it work? The system reads the remote from the domotica set and configures a switch automatically. This switch can be controlled from the internet. You can also configure timers for the switch to automatically switch a lamp on/off at a certain time / date / day or an event like sunset.
This system has an amazing amount of capabilities a.o. it can read sensors like weather station, wireless doorbel, doorcontacts and can react on ocurrences i.g. when a door is opened, it can send an email, sms or pushover notification and/or put a lamp on for a certain time.