While on holidays in Portugal, we bought a set of azulejos tiles, picturing an ancient windmill. The idea was to use them as a wall decoration in the garden. Just like you see at many places in Portugal.
At home i had to thinker about how to do this. Fitting the tiles directly to the garden wall seemed not a good plan. So i decided to make a plaque for the tiles that i can hang against the wall, or put it on the ground somewhere.

The picture on the right shows a simulation that i made with 3d-builder. This helps to get an idea of the final result.

Since this plaque should be weather and winterproof there is no other choice than to make it out of concrete. Concrete however is a very heavy material. Since this plaque has to be fairly strong, so also fairly thick, it would mean that it would become a very heavy object. This isn't very handy since the idea is to hang it up to the wall. After some research on the internet i discovered a lightweight concrete that might be just suitable for this project; Hypertufa. This concrete has the looks of natural rock and gets a nice patina when leaving it outdoor. Moreover it would be winter proof so that we can leave it carefree outside in winter.