A funny hobby is to automate various things in my house. Related to this i designed and build some devices with the help of an mcu with wifi, the ESP8266.

This mcu you can also find in the Sonoff, a small device from China you can buy via the internet. It is of course the challenge to put own software on this thing. I don't like to depend on unknown servers with questionable reputations. Moreover i wanted to add more functionallity to the device.

Derived from the software i used on my own devices i developed a very good firmware for the Sonoff. With this firmware it has become a real smart device. Without connection with any obscure servers. Below you will find a few links to more information.

Kaku Bridge


new sonoff

sonoff mini

sonoff manual

APS manual


download sonoff-mini-v1_2.bin

download sonoff-v3_2.bin

download sonoff-v3_2_UK.bin


video Youtube

sensor grafieken

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